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Toothache pain – how to manage it

Saturday is National Toothache Day, which aims to build awareness and help people learn how to avoid the pain altogether or deal with it when it occurs.

How to manage toothache

If you have toothache and are finding it unbearable, until you get to see a dentist, try and manage the pain as best you can by:

  • Putting a cold compress on the outside of your face if you have a swelling or an abscess. Don’t put anything hot on it.
  • Taking pain relief such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. Avoid ibuprofen if you have asthma or chest problems. Try co-codamol at night time if the pain is keeping you awake. NEVER EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DOSE STATED ON PAIN RELIEF PACKAGING.
  • Using warm salt mouthwashes (2-3 teaspoonfuls of salt in warm, previously boiled, water)

If you are on any medication or you are pregnant, always consult your doctor or pharmacist as to what types of pain relief are best for you.

Emergency treatment

Before you go to your emergency dentist, read our top tips on attending emergency dental treatment here.  I recommend you have something to eat if you can and take any regular medication as normal and provide a list of your medication for the dentist.

Due to the nature of the emergency service, it is a sit and wait procedure. An assessment will be done and treatment will be provided accordingly. See here for details.

After your emergency treatment, if you have had an extraction and you have excessive bleeding, phone the dental practice where you had the tooth extracted. Out of hours, go straight to your nearest hospital.

If you have a severe swelling affecting your breathing or eyesight, then go to your nearest A&E department.

Do you live in the Salford, Manchester or Trafford area? If you are suffering with uncontrollable toothache or an abscess and do not have a regular NHS dentist, the Revive Dental care team will try and help you.

How Revive can help

At Revive, we have a limited number of emergency appointments available every day. We give priority to our registered patients. However, we will always try and help anyone who comes to us in pain and is not registered with an NHS dentist. We are open five days a week Monday-Friday 8am to 5.45pm. If you need an emergency NHS dentist at the weekend or Bank Holidays there is cover for these days although it may not be local.

Ancoats               0161 274 1655
Davyhulme         0161 746 9029
Bexley Square   0161 834 5166
Monton               0161 789 1557