Dr Anne Ochana BDS (UK) MFDS RCS Eng.


Dr Anne Ochana BDS (UK) MFDS RCS Eng.

Anne Ochana

Born in East London, Anne moved to Manchester 20 years ago. She is a graduate of the Dental School at the University of Manchester, with academic awards in Anatomy, Microbiology and Biomaterials.

She has worked in a range of dental practices across the region and served as Senior House Officer, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery at Blackburn Royal Infirmary and Manchester Dental Hospital. Anne has worked as a volunteer dentist in Bisalpur, India which enabled the local community in Rajastan to gain access to dental care which would otherwise be unobtainable.

She has also done volunteer dental work in Peru and with the homeless in London.

Working in a different cultural and geographical environment enabled Anne to develop new dental and social skills that she can apply to different clinical situations.

Anne enjoys skiing and diving, but still has time to help train young dentists in Bury.