Patient Care


Patient Care

At Revive Dental Care, we want to help you to understand your smile. So we want you to look after it through good oral healthcare.

Every article in this section is about a specific topic of oral healthcare. We explain more about some of the common treatments you may need. But we also explain about things like bad breath and cold sores, associated with the mouth.

There are articles about aesthetic and cosmetic dental treatment as well as articles about oral healthcare for the young and the old.

We will add to this library of straightforward information regularly. However, if there is anything specific you would like us to write about just let us know!

Oral healthcare education is a passion of ours. While we know that there has been a significant decrease in dental problems over the last 50 years, there is still a lot to do.

The fact that nearly 41,000 children under 18 had extractions of multiple rotting teeth during 2014/15 is, bad enough. But to learn the number has almost doubled since 2010/11, tells us there is still a lot to do.

So much more education needs to happen to help change our eating and drinking habits, to help improve basic oral hygiene.

We hope these articles are both interesting and helpful. Please let us know!