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National Dental Awards for Sylvia and Faye!

The National Dental Awards at the 2017 Dentistry Show recognise two Revive Dental Care staff.

Sylvia Burgess wins Dental Receptionist of the Year.  And, Faye Greenhalgh is Highly Commended (Runner Up) as Oral Health Promoter of the Year.

National Dental AwardsSylvia has been with the practice in Bexley Square Salford, for over 41 years. She joined the practice in 1975, when it was just a small three man practice.  Having held the position of receptionist for so long, Sylvia has seen a huge number of technological changes in the practice. Healthcare provision has changed enormously from the early days. Then, her daily tasks included emptying waiting room ashtrays and replenishing the paper in the outside toilet. Initially she wrote all appointments down in a huge book. Today, she deals very capably with online bookings. In fact, Salford  is one of the Beta test sites for the Dental Practice Management ‘Software of Excellence’.

National Dental Awards

It is also a great honour for Faye Greenhalgh to be Highly Commended as Oral Health Promoter of the Year. Faye, is the project manager for a community outreach dental service run by Revive in Salford and Greater Manchester. Having worked at Revive for 11 years, Faye was involved from the beginning in setting up the project in 2013 to improve Oral Health for homeless and hard to reach patients.

National Dental AwardsGenerally speaking, homeless patients have poor daily dental care. Many experience significant dental problems due to a range of factors. Barriers to accessing care include fear, embarrassment and poverty. Also, living a chaotic lifestyle, and not prioritising dental care. Furthermore, it can be difficult finding an NHS dentist who takes on homeless people. Initially, Faye worked with GP practices in Ancoats, Manchester to access their hard to reach patients. She also paid visits to Homeless drop-in centres. While there, she encouraged those attending to have a dental check-up too. Now Faye works closely with 10 local organisations. These include The Salvation Army, Booth Centre and Cornerstones. Everyone works together in order to access this hard to reach demographic of patients.

The National Dental Awards were presented at a Gala dinner, at the NEC, last Friday Night. I’m sure that neither Sylvia or Faye mind us sharing the celebrations with you!


National Dental Awards       National Dental Awards