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Hydration – vital for teeth and general health

It’s Nutrition and Hydration Week (11-17 March). Held in March every year since 2012, the purpose of the week is to bring people together to highlight and educate on the importance of food and drink in maintaining health and well being in health and social care. I have talked a lot about the value of good nutrition for maintaining good oral hygiene. In addition, w should not underestimate the importance of good hydration.

Who should be drinking more water?

Children are now actively encouraged in many schools to drink water throughout the day and that’s a really positive step. Besides that, I think adults often forget that it’s important for us to keep topping up our fluid levels through the day too. However, I don’t mean reaching for the tea, coffee and energy drinks – far from it. Nothing beats water as a drink and here are five reasons why:

Five reasons to drink water

  • When you drink water, unlike with soft drinks, you are not basically bathing your teeth in sugar solution. Also, water dilutes the acid attack that food inflicts on our teeth.
  • Tap water in the UK contains fluoride. This has had a huge impact on the health of our nation’s teeth. According to the Oral Health Foundation, adding fluoride to water has been proven to reduce tooth decay by 40 to 60%.
  • Drinking water with your meal washes away any lingering particles of food that bacteria in our mouths loves. This reduces the risk of plaque build up.
  • Drinking water prevents us suffering from dry mouths. Having a dry mouth greatly increases our chances of tooth decay. Saliva is your mouth’s first line of defence against tooth decay. It washes away food and neutralises acid.
  • Water contains zero calories, so, unlike most soft drinks, you can drink as much as you like, without fear of weight gain and its associated health risks.

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