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Endodontics in Switzerland with Dentsply Sirona & Dr Jonny Stevens

Recently, I went on an Endodontics Training Course in Ballaigues, Switzerland run by Dentsply Sirona. Ben Atkins, our practice owner, has  recently teamed up with Dentsply Sirona. The aim is to implement the Wave one gold rotary filing system into all the Revive practices.  

As a result, Ben is invited on a two day Endodontics training course at one of their main European factories. In beautiful Ballaigues, it is the main manufacturing site for Endodontic Files. Recently, I implemented Wave one gold into my current practice. So I was one of the lucky few members of the team to get the amazing opportunity to join Ben.

The Revive team flew into Geneva the day before the course started. Fortunately, we had time to go sight seeing in the City Centre, before we start work. 

A tour around the factory is on the morning agenda. We are in Switzerland, and yes, the history of the factory is in watch making. But at the age of 48, the founder changed course to become a dentist. Now, the factory is an incredible complex of numerous high tech machines, which produce close to one million products per day. Dentsply Sirona is also a major regional employer.  The workforce is presently  between 700 and 800 people.

EndodonticsDuring the rest of the day we are given a fantastic presentation by Dr Wilhelm Pertot,. He is one of the leading International Endodontics Specialists Dr Pertot discusses how the Wave one gold file was developed. Also, he explains why it is one of the leading systems for Rotary Endodontics.

Endodontics Course – Day Two

The second day involved more tips and tricks on how to secure successful endodontics in a varying selection of cases, ranging from finding the MB2 canal in an upper molar tooth, to bypassing a blocked canal or pulp stone.

Finally, we do some hands on work with the wave one gold system. This involves one to one tutoring, which really helps to improve my thought process and feel for endodontics.

In conclusion, an incredible trip, meeting lots of new people. I have now implemented into my every day practice, all the additional knowledge and skills I picked up.