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Dangers of Vaping by Sarah Keytes

Dangers of Vaping – all those good intentions just went up in smoke!

Back in May, we started to highlight the dangers around vaping.

Vaping dangers

It was only a matter of time before studies were going to put an end to all those unanswered questions surrounding e-cigarettes. Now there is another study into the pros, cons and dangers of vaping. Unfortunately, for all those who believed they’d finally quit the dreaded cigarettes and found a fabulous healthy alternative (which even come in Red Bull flavour…yes RED BULL!) are now about to watch all those good intentions go up in smoke.

The latest study is by the University of Connecticut. Chemists using a 3D printed device tested the effects of e-cigarettes and the nicotine based liquid within them. Consequently, it would seem that E-cigarettes/vaporisers do not give you a new lease of life (or wings for that matter)! You get the same old health risks and dangers of cigarettes. The findings are even more shocking to those arranging their weekly get together in the vaping café. Where a nicotine solution is used, the effects of vaping are as damaging as unfiltered cigarettes. Vaping is also as damaging as smoking filtered cigarettes where no nicotine solution is used.

Dangers of Vaping

The contents of e-cigarettes, called e-liquid or e-juice. These fluids contain propylene glycol, glycerine, nicotine, and flavourings, along with many other chemicals. It is these other chemicals which have the potential to cause DNA damage. And this can lead to cancers in the same way that cigarette smoking damages DNA.