March 18, 2019 0 Comments

Conversation – relax, smile and enjoy it!

It’s National Conversation Week this week. Encouraging conversation can only be a good thing. For some people however, social situations are fraught with worry over how they feel about the appearance of their teeth. You may feel the colour is bad, or they are very crooked or out of alignment. The good news is that nowadays, dentists are better placed than ever to do something to improve your teeth’s cosmetic appearance.

Talking about whiter teeth

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure. So long as it is carried out by a qualified dental professional, it can work well to improve the appearance of your teeth dramatically. There are a number of different treatments. These range from professional dental cleaning treatments, which can remove staining, to professional whitening, which can lighten teeth significantly. If shape and position are also a concern, as well as the colour, then veneers are a popular choice for an individual tooth or several front teeth.

A conversation about straighter teeth?

Wonky teeth can make people feel very socially awkward and leave them reluctant to chat, smile or laugh. Orthodontics aren’t just for teenagers. There’s a whole range of different options now depending on individual needs. These range from ‘traditional’ braces to very fast acting methods. Invisalign for example is a fast way to close gaps, re-align crooked teeth and cure over or underbites. It performs the same function as conventional braces but is based around a series of clear plastic aligners, rather than traditional metal track braces. These aligners are each less than one millimetre thick and are also removable. So while you are wearing them, they are very discreet.

As you can see, the options for improving the appearance of your teeth are endless so make time to talk to us about how we can help you achieve your best smile.