About Revive Dental Care


About Revive Dental Care

What our aims are

Since we started Revive Dental Care, we’ve always had the same mission. We want all our patients to understand their mouths, oral hygiene and treatment. We have two goals for our teams. Firstly, to understand what each patient wants. And secondly, to show you that we understand all your wants and needs.

For patients and staff, we’ve summed all that up in a simple motto: Together, we will work to understand your smile.

At Revive Dental Care we are proud to serve the local communities of Davyhulme, Monton and Salford. We provide the full range of NHS treatments and we take on new NHS patients. Also we welcome private patients either for cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry or for general dental care. We promote prevention. And so we try to give you all the knowledge you need to keep your teeth, gums and mouth in good condition.

Nowadays, going to the dentist is a positive experience long removed from the dark days of “drill and fill”. As a nation we treat oral healthcare more seriously than ever, and rightly so. We all want to feel good about our smiles and we have set up Revive Dental Care to be your oral health care partner.

How we work

The Revive Dental Care logo is a swan feather, which represents how we work. Like the swan, we try to glide serenely across the water, delivering you an exceptional dental service while working very hard behind the scenes.

We’ve introduced advanced automated dental management systems. These systems measure everything important, that we’re required to do, automatically and invisibly. This means that we can spend more time with you, the patient, rather than filling in forms.

We also work hard to develop our teams. We encourage our people to grow, offering clear career paths through continual training. We want to offer our teams opportunities to develop, while still working within monthly monitoring against clear and understandable targets.

Our growing network

Allowing team members to develop additional areas of dentistry that they are interested in, is all part of growing a network of dental practices that supports each other, while offering real added value to our patients.

Having started with our Monton surgery covering the Eccles area, the Revive group has expanded with the addition of practices in Davyhulme and Bexley Square. We also run the out of hours service for Cheshire and Merseyside and support Charities in Manchester by providing free dental care to the homeless and other hard to reach groups.

In the long-term, the intention is that each practice will specialise in and develop its own unique services that others can use, so patients have as wide a choice of treatments as possible available.


Working in the community

Our aim is to improve dental health not only with our own patients, but across the wider community of Greater Manchester. So our dentists regularly go out to local community groups, including local sports teams and children’s activity groups, to highlight age-related dental and oral health issues.

We’re particularly keen to raise awareness of children’s oral health issues, and support the leading Dental Charity The Oral Health Foundation, in its important work with schools in our local communities. For the latest on Revive’s work in the community, simply visit our blog pages.

Committed to you

Of course, our patients are most important of all at Revive. And our aim is to make every visit to one of our surgeries as enjoyable as possible.

To that end, we frequently ask our patients for their views and ideas. The name Revive, for example, was chosen in a patient focus group; our new reception designs have more of a relaxing ‘coffee shop’ feel for the same reason.

After your treatment we will ask you to provide us with feedback on your visit. We need you to tell us if we don’t get things right, so we can make changes and do better next time!

Please help us to help you.

Helping you feel more comfortable

An important part of helping you feel comfortable about coming to see us, is getting to know and trust each other. That’s why we encourage you to get to know your dentist and their team. It’s also why we carry out as much monitoring as we do, so you can be sure of the quality of our care.

In return for our commitment to you, we ask for a simple commitment to attend from our patients. If you miss two or more appointments within two years, we’ll no longer be able to see you. It’s a policy designed to allow us to spend more time with our patients, and be fair to everyone.


What Revive does differently

To us, dentistry is about more than just inspecting teeth or carrying out treatments. As our motto says, it’s about understanding – and this works in two ways.

First is listening to you and then it’s about helping you to understand your mouth.

Listening to you

It’s important that we understand your needs. That’s why we listen to your thoughts, your aims and what you want from your smile. It helps us support and advise you on the right treatment, to give you what you want. Whether it’s everyday care of your teeth, or a specific treatment such as whitening, we’ll always make sure you know what going on; and why.

We want you to feel looked after every time you visit us, and to get to know and trust your dentist. Spending time with you at your appointment is a vital part of that – but you can also find out a little more about every member of our team on the individual practice pages.


Learning about your mouth

Even today, many patients are nervous about seeing their dentist. The reason is simple: being on someone else’s territory, in someone else’s hands, they’re not in control.

So we see a big part of our job as helping you feel in control – and that means talking to you face to face, explaining what’s going on and helping you to fully understand your mouth and smile. We like to talk in terms of your smile rather than individual teeth, as that’s how so many people think of it! And of course, if there’s anything you don’t understand just ask. That way, you can make informed decisions about the treatment you have.